The state of Apple in 2014

In recent months Apple has seen a lot of bad publicity in the tech expert world.

Marco Arment wrote this piece about Apple software rapidly being worse.

I certainly agree, but for me who has been working with Apple for the last 20 years,  Apple has been like this all the time. As I see it, It's more that we now have some products from Apple that is that much higher in regards to quality over all, than we ever had. It's easy being nostalgic, but remember our classic Mac OS? It was full of bugs and limitations. After Steve took over, Mac OS X 1.0 was in almost any case even worse to use than classic Mac OS. It wasn't until we got 10.4 that it was usable as tool for anything else than computer nerds.

The hardware from mid 1990 wasn't very good, nor great looking. The quality issues that plagued certain model lines, for example Powerbook 5300, was extreme. Apple published a tech note for us explaining that their portables was not to be lifted up att all while booted. If you did, it would certainly die at once, because it loosed connection to the battery. 

Apple did as they used to do, developing new stuff and soon abandoning them again. Ever tried opening an older document produced in any Apple's software suites? ClarisWorks? AppleWorks? Even iPhoto can't be easily upgraded if you don't follow every update. Now Aperture is dead. iWeb? It was in fact a great app once, but now? No one knows for sure, If there is something that I don't like with Apple it's this: make a new application, or a new major version of the existing and then all compatibility with existing documents is lost. In the recent time Apple just made its iWork suite break completely with older documents. And that is from one version to the next. And for what? It certainly does not work great opening Keynote Documents on the iPad that was created on OS X. In Excel I can save documents that can be opened with Excel 5 from 1993. And what about OS X Server? That is almost crap now, From the quite advanced 10.6 server it has been worse for every version. Mail on OS X? Has it ever been just great?

I have been working in the reseller part of Apple my whole life. Apple didn't treat us well in the old days. I remember when they tried to deny us the right to sell other computers than Macs. First we where forbidden to deal with clones, and then it was also windows computers. We where considering leaving Apple altogether because we where selling SGI and SUN servers that our clients relied on. Apples solution? Buy our mega fridge Apple Network Server. When we replied: but there is no software that runs on it, we simply got no answer.

What about big companies and schools and universities? Apple hasn't had a proper working solution for many many years, if ever. 

Apple is doomed :)