Apple TV 4 review

Apple has finally decided to ship an Apple TV that supports third party apps. The previous Apple TV devices from Apple had only a few "apps" built in for video playback from youtube and other media companies. Sure you could always use Airplay to play content from play apps on your iPhone or iPad, but it was a real pain when someone called in the middle of a movie or TV show pausing the playback.
Now, apple has solved it with the new Apple TV 4, with support for third party apps through an app store. The App store contains the media apps that where previously preinstalled on the Apple TV as well as games and other apps. Here you also find some of the apps you already bought on your iPad or iPhone.

The new Apple Remote is a totally new device. At first it is very good looking, but it is no marvel at ergonomics or logic. Most often when I pick it up from the sofa I would I end up scrubbing through the movie unintentionally and have the device in the wrong way.
Further, the buttons are very hard to tell what button does what. I am a fan of the old white remote that shipped with the first flat screen imacs. That was simple and elegant and easy to use with logic button placement. Fortunately that can still be used with the new Apple TV. The best thing with the new remote is that it is using Bluetooth to control the Apple TV, no more exact pointing it to the device. It has a built in IR blaster so it can control the volume on your TV or receiver as well.
I find the remote has too many input methods to be logic and can't be picked up in the dark to just pause a movie or otherwise control it easily.
The fact that the Apple TV won't support the app Apple TV Remote on the Apple Watch, nor the iPhone or iPad makes it a hassle to fill in passwords and other data.

Many who buys an Apple TV 4 will most certainly have some kind of sound system, a receiver or soundbar capable of playing multi channel sound like Dolby Digital 5.1. The Apple TV 4 has serious problems with playing almost anything correct depending on what is set in the preferences. Even Stereo sound as music can play as Dolby Surround sound.
Many games have serious issues where they lag or pauses mid game. It seems the AppleTV is not up to the job of displaying advanced graphics at all. We have tested Battle Supremacy, which is almost unusable at some areas due to the graphics can't keep up. On a much lesser device like the iPad 3 it works perfect. Asphalt 8: Airborne also lags severely during playing making it a frustrating experience.
Many multiplayer games won't support two MFI Bluetooth controllers. It's usually only the Apple Remote and an iphone as control or one MFI controller and the Apple remote.
The game Beat Sports have got great reviews, but me as an adult and my two sons, 7 and 5 years old found it really boring, inexact and flat.
No other device can browse the Apple TV App stores content, seems like a bug at this point.
Apple says: Apple TV makes it easy to share all your photos and home videos from iCloud.
No, it won't support iCloud photo libraries, making it a hassle to actually show your photo albums on the Apple TV.

At the moment, unless you like to tinker with your devices, I would hold off a purchase, there are serious bugs regarding sound that makes the new Apple TV 4 a bad device if you use something else than only the TV speakers.
For gaming the device lacks quality games and the few that exists have real problems with the graphics. In our family we thought of it as a device where the family can gather around to play games together, but we struggle to find anything great. The fact that the, Siri functionality of the remote, nor the universal search, can't be used in many countries don't push in the buy direction either.