Garmin Virb - a new action camera from Garmin

Garmin went after the action camera market. They have some new thoughts that they brought in as a navigation company.

The Virb comes as two different units: Virb and the Virb Elite. Main difference is the Elite model has a GPS and Altimeter built in. This allows you to always have your photos Geotagged. There is also an accelerometer built in to measure G-force.

Another advantage with the Elite version is the built in WiFi connectivity. This lets you control it from a supported phone and use it as a viewfinder.

The main advantages to the Virb, especially the Elite model, as I see it:

  • Built in GPS, lets you follow your ride when playing back video
  • Built in ANT+ communication, lets you collect data from Power Meters, pulse band etc
  • All still pictures are geotagged
  • Various Garmin units can be used as remote
  • iPhone and Android phones can be used as remotes

Main issues with the Virb

  • Lack of stability, unit hangs forcing a reboot 1 of 5 times recording video

Here is a Video I shot with the Virb mounted on the my seat post. I have recorded sensor information from my Garmin Pulse band and Cadence and speed from the Garmin Speed/Cadence sensor:

Here is a small list of issues that I feel Garmin needs to work on:

  • When using iPhone as a viewfinder the changes to zoom level are not reflected