I am riding my bicycle several times a week. Some of it is for training, some of it is for having fun. Yesterday I took my mountainbike out for a ride. I used my Fenix 2 watch to log my ride and I just put my iPhone in my back pocket. The first few minutes riding I was experimenting with the new Instagram app Hyperlapse. It seemed stupid to shoot movies with one hand an hold the handlebar with the other, so I just put my iPhone back in the back pocket of my bicycling jersey.

After 45 minutes of riding on various terrain I suddenly discovered my iPhone wasn't in my back pocket anymore. I rode back the latest minutes to check if I have lost it somewhere, but no I couldn't find it.

I was close to home so I rode back to our house. I launched "Find my iPhone" on my iPad to see where my iPhone was. I couldn't see where my iPhone was, it seemed it was turned off. I packed my iPad in a backpack and headed out when I met my wife. I borrowed her iPhone where we have Find my Friends enabled.

I saw my iPhone at once on the display, it was traveling it seemed. I tried calling it but no one answered.

I looked in my iPad again, now it was time to put the lost iPhone feature to work. But my iPad didn't show it as on. It seemed only Find My Friends was working. I headed out with my wives iPhone in one hand.

I saw my iPhone moving on the map, but in the forrest where there are no roads. I tried to ride to where I saw the iPhone on the map. I stopped and called it again, this time someone answered. The lady asked if I was the owner of this phone. I answered that I am, and we met up.

When I got my iPhone back I looked in the settings under iCloud and yes, find my iPhone was off.

I have now had my iPhone 5s for 6 months and I was assured that find my iPhone was activated, but it seems it wasn't. I am not sure if it has turned off itself by some upgrade or if I have turned it off myself.

Lesson learned, be sure to check if find my iPhone is enabled or not, don't take it for granted.