Wahoo Fitness RFLKT+

Do you have a Garmin Pulse band or any other Ant+ compatible devices around?

Do you always bring you phone with you when bicycling or running?

If you say yes to both, the Wahoo Fitness RFLKT+ might be for you.

The RFLKT+ is a small device that acts as a bridge between what your pulse band uses for communication (ANT+) and what your mobile phone uses (Bluetooth. It also has a display which shows you what ever values you like, for example pulse or time of day.

It also has a thermometer and barometer built in.

It's a great unit for someone who already have an iPhone and ANT+ devices. I use it both for running and bicycling as well as indoor training on my Monark Ergometer bicycle.

It is also a great device to use with sites like Strava. No more having to connecting a GPS to a computer with cables to upload your recent efforts. After an activity is done, just select Share and it's done.